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Recent Advances in minimal invasive Laparoscopic Surgery 02 August, 2011

At Minimal Invasive center and Bariatric / metabolic surgery department at Sujay Hospital. More and more abdominal Surgeries are now been performed laparoscopically. Worldwide trend is moving towards Minimal invasive surgery for Abdominal operations, thoracic Surgery, Vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery and also plastic surgery.

Even in cancer (Oncosurgery) there is a growing trend of offering Laparoscopic Surgery without compromising the Oncology principles of surgery, with regards to radical clearance of disease. In some instances the clearance and number of lymphnodes in the specimen is more than open. This is due to better vision and approach to the operative area.

Bariatric Surgery and Surgery for Diabetes is becoming more standardized and acceptable. The awareness of the disease (Obesity) is fast growing. Our last camp for obesity was very well attended with over 100 registrations. The pre and post operative protocols are now standardized to suit our patients and institution needs. Investment in more modern equiqments is an ongoing process at Sujay. New GE anaesthesia Machine, Bariatic theatre instruments, Gyrus for alternative engery source, 3 chip camera, HD monitor along with our efforts in training the Nursing and medical staff has resulted in a good success rates. In our effort to improve patient compliance and education we will be having regular seminars and group discussion for our new and follow up patients. The Bariatric surgery team is headed by Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Raman Goel and Dr. Divyesh Raveshia.

A few interesting Cases are shown here

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